about us
the people behind the bull (website, that is)

TheBlackBull.org was founded by a group of people looking for reminders of a country they know and love. Our hope is that this site and its products will also remind you of your fondness for Spain (or perhaps, your fondness for bulls). The sight of the bull --be it on a shirt or a hillside-- brings warmth to each of our hearts and a happy reminder of a country whose people who know how to live life to it's fullest.

Any profits generated from sales go right back into maintaining the website and researching more Black Bull accoutrements for your bovine pleasures! It is truly a labor of love. Thanks for your support.


We do have a secret, special page about some of our favorite cities and recommendations about what to do there!

Check out our thoughts on la marcha de Sevilla!

This site is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Osborne, Soberano or Veterano Cognac. The bull image used for TheBlackBull.org is not the ACTUAL Osborne logo. It is an artists depiction (copyrighted) of a memory of Spain, which we at TheBlackBull.org hope will remind you of your fondness for the rich culture and wonderful people of Spain. But you should buy Osborne products anyway. They are good!

No bulls were harmed in the making of this website.