One girl's opinions of Sevilla from years and years ago...

One of the black bull lovers, studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain many moons ago. It was a life changing experience and these were some of the places and events that shaped her experience. We hope you enjoy them, as well!


Nightlife: Carboneria - Calle Levies 18 (tel. 421 44 60 0) This bar is in Barrio Santa Cruz. Impromptu and spontaneous flamenco and flamenco guitar! And tasty drinks (Agua de Sevilla - a delicious orange/champagne/egg white drink) to boot!


Zaragoza, 20 - 41001 Seville, Spain -- Tel: 95-450-2721, Fax: 95-456-3666 -- E-mail:

-- I can't even tell you how cool this hotel is. It's spendy, but so absolutely delightful and well decorated and cute and right in the heart of things. Highly recommended!

Restaurant: Restaurant Ventorrillo Canario
Avd. de Extremadura, 13. (in front of the ruins of Itálica). Tel. 955 996 700. Santiponce.

This restaurant is not in Sevilla proper, but is worth a visit if you are going to see the ruins in Itálica. They have grilled meats with mojo picón (a spicy sauce from the Canary Islands) and salty potatoes. My meat was served to me ON A CUTTING BOARD and it was some of the best pork I've ever eaten. These people don't mess around with their meat!